About my Firm
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Firm History
I have been representing people in financial trouble since 1981. Many times the only way out is to file a bankruptcy and to get your "FRESH START" the law is intended to give.

My clients are people just like you: honest, hard working people who find themselves unable to pay their bills.
Job Loss?
Credit Cards out of control?
Overwhelming Medical Bills with
Inadequate or no Health Insurance?
Uninsured Auto Accident?

My clients have one thing in common. They started to feel better about themselves and about their lives when they took steps to put their financial life in order.
Call or Email me to discuss your specific needs.

(503) 680-1343
Boardmanbankruptcy "AT"
(Substitute @ for "AT")
Please Email me for directions to my office.

Mailing Address: PO Box 2301 Hillsboro OR 97123
Office:  6025 NE 16th, Portland OR 97211