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Before you file a Bankruptcy case, the law requires you to "recieve a briefing that outlines the available opportunites for credit counseling and provides assistance in performing a budget analysis". 
After the Bankruptcy is filed but BEFORE it is completed, you must "complete a Financial Management instructional course".
These counseling sessions must be done by a non-profit organization approved by the US Trustee's Office.
The US Trustee is part of the US Dept. of Justive.
You must also recieve a certificate of completion 
from the counseling agency.
You may not be turned away by the credit counselor for lack of funds as the law requires them not to charge you if you can't afford it.
These are weblinks to the most up-to-date list of providers of "Credit Counseling" and "Financial Management" ................:
(Credit Counseling course is to be done BEFORE filing Bankruptcy)

Link to List of Counseling Agencies. Click on Oregon.

(Financial Managment course is to be done AFTER filing Bankruptcy)

Link to List of Financial Management providers. Click on Oregon.

If you can't access the links above, try going directly to the US Dept. of Justice website and choose either Credit Counseling or Debtor Education:  (Note you are in the District of OREGON)

US Trustee Website-Education For Debtors

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